Why should the salaries of MLAs continue to rise, when there are Islanders who are struggling to make ends meet, says Liberal MLA Valerie Dochery.

Salaries both MLAs and deputy ministers will be frozen for two years.

Premier Robert Ghiz made the announcement in the legislature Dec. 2.

Usually the MLAs and deputy ministers would see a pay increase on April 1.

The salary for an MLA is $65,344, while the opposition leader makes $111,032 and the premier $136,438.  The salaries will remain frozen until the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Docherty said, the plan shows good initiative.

“At the end of the day, it is an example of good leadership on behalf of the premier.

“Having our salaries continue to increase while there are those living on the Island who are out of work or are making a limited income.

It just wouldn’t be right, she said.

House speaker Kathleen Casey said the independent committee that sets the salaries for the MLAs presented her with the proposal to freeze the salaries.

“The decisions which the Indemnities and Allowances Commission makes regarding the salaries of MLAs are binding. They are an independent commission who will report to the speaker.”

Speaker of the House, Kathleen Casey working hard in her office for the people of Charlottetown.


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