New project set to scare crows away from Charlottetown

New machines have been brought in to scare crows off of residential properties after city councillors received compliants, says the manager of parks and recreation.

The project was launched Nov. 5. It allows residents of Victoria Park to use Phoenix Wailers to scare crows away from their properties. The wailers play noises the crows fear like eagles, gunshots and owl whistles.

Sue Hendricken said there are two reasons why the wailers were brought in.

“The primary reason was the noise and the second would have to be the mess the crows leave behind. The crow droppings, I mean.”

There are two wailers available, she said.

“We got one stationary and one mobile model.”

The stationary model is in use at a home in Victoria Park. Use of the wailer is free, she said.

“It is being done as a pilot project for the neighbourhood, to see if it helps disperse the crows from the area.”

The project was discussed at the Nov. 10 city council meeting.

Councillor Kim Devine said the crows are smart.

“If the crows are constantly fed in the same area, they will continue to go there because they have a good enough memory to remember to go there. I am in favour of making the public aware of how smart they are.”

Councillor Terry Bernard said the wailers are a good idea.

“I think this could be what is needed to send the crows back into the park and keep them off of people’s properties.”

Councillor Melissa Hilton said she had friends who once nursed an injured crow back to health.

“They named him Russel.”

New project set to scare crows away from Charlottetown. Conway photo


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