Charlottetown’s bid for 2011 ECMAs has good chance of coming through

They hope to bring bring the East Coast Music Awards back to Charlottetown, said a city councillor during the Nov. 9 the council meeting.

David MacDonald, chair of the economic development and tourism committee, has been working with the event committee dedicated to bringing the event back to Charlottetown.

The city has a good chance to host the awards in 2011, MacDonald said

“We have been in discussions with the ECMA people and I think we are going to be able to meet all of the criteria they have. I am very optimistic about our chances.”

The ECMAs are a big event, which could benefit businesses all over the city, he said.

“It is good for hotels, good for restaurants, and good for our transportation industry as well.”

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee said he sees it as tremendous opportunity for the city’s tourism industry.

“Tourism is usually down in February and this is a great chance to bring a lot of economic activity to the city during an otherwise slow season.”

It is also a fun, cultural experience for residents, he said.

“It is great that our residents could have this nearly week long event to take part in and be a part of.

“It is also a great way to promote east coast music and to promote our own talented musicians.”

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford, during the Nov. 9 council meeting. Conway photo


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