Charlottetown residents hold weekly peace vigil



A group of Charlottetown citizens gathering out side of  Province House during their weekly peace vigil. Conway Photo


     A group that wants to channel Canadian’s energy into bringing peace to the world and to bring the idea of peace, more into the public eye continues to meet weekly in Charlottetown.

     Phil Callaghan, a member of local peace vigil, said the group has been active for a year and a half. He said members of the group stand outside of Province House every Friday from 12:30-1 p.m. in downtown Charlottetown.

       Callaghan said their placement in front of the Province House is only coincidental and has nothing to do with the building itself.

        “It is because it is in the heart of the city and people often gather around here and walk by. It has nothing to do with the Province House.”

         Callaghan said the group is not part of any organiztion and all people from Charlottetown are welcome to join them in their vigils.

          “Anyone from any faith, any tradition, any political background, anyone is welcome. Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, anyone. Christian. Whatever.”

           Barbara Munves who is also a member of the vigil said it is good to get out and get recognition for the cause.

            “We are particulary upset with the killing of mothers and children and civilians in Pakistan and, Israel and Palestine.”



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