MLAs should have work load reduced with the help of non-partisan ombudsperson

      James Rodd said he decided to run for the leadership of the provincial New Democratic Party after doing some advocacy work.

       “After 16 months as interim leader, it seems that I have been doing some advocacy work for people who had called the office looking for assistance. They went to the Liberals and Conservatives and got nowhere, so they came to us.”

       As an advocate for them, Rodd was able to resolve some of their issues and it made him think.

        “I am not an elected person. I am not an MLA. It is work that an MLA has to do but it is work that an MLA shouldn’t have to do.”

       When you can’t get an answer from the bureaucracy or you feel grieved in some way, it is not the job of an MLA to find the solution for you, he said.

       “So I got to work with a couple of people in the NDP who shared my concerns and thoughts that we need an onbuds person in this province and when I suggested that, lots of other things came out of it. There are lots of reasons why we should have a person acting at arms length of government acting on behalf of Islanders, when everything else has failed.”

      Rodd said it should not have come down to this but it has.

      “I believe there is some unfinished business that needs attending to and that I have the experience to continue the idea.”



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