P.E.I. Rocket defeats Halifax Mooseheads

     The P.E.I. Rocket defeated the Halifax Mooseheads 6-4 in a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League game on Mar,1, much to the delight of the hometown crowd.

      The game took place at the Civic Centre in Charlottetown and with only three minutes left in the third period, the Rocket managed to pull out a two-goal win.

      Rocket forward and top star of the game, Simon Olsson said, it was good to be a top player in the game but it is not about personal gain.

        “You have to play for the team and get the team as high on the board as you can but it was a fun game.”

         The game was tense right off the bat, with the first goal being scored for The Rocket by Chris Doyle after the first minute.

         With 15:08 left in the period Halifax’s Linden Bham came close to scoring but Rocket’s Bobby Nadeau made the save.

          Halifax again came very close to scoring when Eric Louis-Seize perfomed an excellent slapshot but Nadeau made the save with 13:50 left in the period.

          Both teams continued trying to gain momentum for their side as there were a few close saves for both sides until a 45 second time out was called with 9:47 left in the period.


          The tension continued grow as both Halifax’s Charles Bety and P.E.I.’s William Beaudoin received two-minute penalties for interference with 5:36 left in the period.


           Shortly after the penalties were given, Halifax was able to even the playing field as Jessyko Bernard scored with an assist from Thomas Knotek and Jan Stransky with 5:17 left in the period.

      With the period winding down, Alexis Piette with an assist from Travis Randell and Justin Pender scored to make it 2-1 in favour of Halifax in the final 46 seconds of the first period.

       During the last 10 minutes of the first intermission the crowd was treated to a little tidbit game. It was nice to see perhaps a few future Rocket players showcased.

       The excitement continued in the second period with a series of close calls and well timed saves on both sides. Fans were on the edge on their seats waiting for their team to score another goal.


         Fans (well the hometown fans anyway), were given another goal, as Joel Champagne scored with an assist from Maxime Levesque and Benjamin Casavant to tie the game.

         In lightning quick fashion, P.E.I. gained the lead as Simon Olsson scored with an assist from Ben Duffy and Chris Doyle with 3:59 left in the period, making the score 3-2 for the Rocket.

         With 2:50 left in the period it seemed as though The Mooseheads would tie the game up again when Alexis Piette charged the net and fired a slap shot but it was not to be as Nadeau managed to reflect it with his stick, sending the puck into the air.

          It seemed as though The Rocket would have the upper hand going into the final period, however Piette managed to sink the puck past Nadeau and tie the score yet again.

          It seemed a fight was about to break out as Rocket assistant captain Maxime Levesque and Mossehead Linden Bahm had some choice words for each other at the very end of the period.

          The third period started off with a bang, as Benjamin Casavant scored for P.E.I., giving them a 4-3 lead in the first minute of the period.

           The heated exchange continued with both teams giving it their all to best the other, resulting in a series of close calls.


           It appeared the Rocket would have the win secured at this point but Travis Randell with an assist from Alexis Piette and Ben MacAskill scored for the Mooseheads, making the game tied again with 4:21 left in the period.

           The Mooseheads didn’t have much time to celebrate, as Olsson scored another goal for the Rocket, making the score 5-4 for P.E.I. with three minutes left in the game.

           The tension was building higher and higher as the game drew closer to its finish. Both teams did whatever they could to try and gain an advantage. Halifax even pulled their goalie during a time out during the final two minutes. But this move would not work as Champagne scored on the empty net with just a few seconds to spare and to give the Rocket a 6-4 lead at game’s end. 


        Second player of the game, Joel Champagne, said the game went for them that night and they did well in their zone.

        “It was a big game for both teams and every game at this point is important for the playoffs.”

        Champagne said he feels the team is in a good position heading into the playoffs.

        “We want to keep it into our own division and to stay out of Quebec.”


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