Youtube’s Brian Langille talks TLS


Brian Langille wearing his trademark gimmicks


    The show went from having five views a week to having 107 episodes and 169 subscribers, said Brian Langille about his Youtube show the Langille Show.

     Langille has been blogging since his days in college. He was the author of The Langille Letter, an email newsletter, which would be centered around what was going on in his day to day life or any particular topic that was on his mind.

     It was blogging before blogging was popular, Langille said.

     “I would email it out to people and it became viral. Two friends would pass it on to two more friends until I had 250 subscribers to an email letter.”

     He said the letter fizzled off after he finished college and it wasn’t until April of last year, which is 10 years after the letter was abandoned, that he had the idea of bringing the letter back.

     It was after he had the idea of bringing back the Langille Letter, he also had the idea to create the Langille Show or TLS as it is also called.

     “The video was going to be a tie in with the letter containing what didn’t make the letter.”

     “After a few episodes of the video, I realized I was getting more views with the video and the video was more fun, so I dropped the letter.”

     Langille said when he started the show, he watched what other like Michael Buckley were doing and he noticed they were making a success out of it.

     “I didn’t want a be a Youtube success. I just didn’t want to copy someone or be the next version of someone. I wanted to be myself.”

     He said he was failing miserably at first because he was only getting up to five views a week but his first big boost was coming.

     “The first big jump came when Michael Buckley mentioned me on one of his live shows.”

     It was the mid-summer of last year when people began to notice him and the number of people subscribing to his show would increase.

     He said he almost had 30 subscribers after Buckley’s endorsement of the show.

     “It was an amazing feeling to have 30 people watching what I do. This is when it just started to roll. Now I have 169 subscribers.”

     Langille said coming up with a topic to talk about, setting up and talking to the camera and editing the video are all part of the creative process.

     Careful editing of each video is required to keep the video at its desired length as he explains. 

     “I try to keep my videos at about five, six, seven or eight minutes long, and it takes about two and a half to three hours of editing for a five minute video.”

     What would any show be like without at least on or two factors to help it standout? Langille said he uses his trademark appearance and opening catchphrase to help him to do just that.

     “I figured people would recognized me with the “Heeeyyyy” catchphrase that I use to open each show, as well as “visual gimmicks” like the glasses and the toque.”

     The first 15 episodes, Langille tried his hand at using green technology but he said it wouldn’t become a full time deal.

     “It was nice to have but it wasn’t necessary. The cost was high, and I blew out a few fuses because it was using so much energy.”

     “Maritime Electric must have loved me because it would add an extra 40 dollars a month to my bill.”

     With up to 107 episodes released, Langille has a lot of found memories. He said his favourite episode of the entire series would have to his spoof Islander Day in episode 106.

     “I said we were going to have mashed potato eating contests and stuff like that, only to find out that some people take Islander Day seriously.”

     “I saw that the video got a one out of five star rating and I haven’t had one of those in a while and I just thought wow.”

     He said he had also received an email from someone who said people watch his show and how he represents the Island and now people are going to think that Islanders are nothing but potato eaters.

     He had to do an apology video afterward but he still had a lot of fun with it.

     Another favourite moment came in episode 25, when he was trying to film a cruise ship. He said he saw but the camera missed it and this caused him to utter the most famous line in Langille Show history.

     “I said, how the bleep do you miss a cruise ship.”

     He said before this point, he didn’t know if anyone was watching the show but when his wife told him about her co-workers asking how Brian could have missed the cruse ship, he knew people were watching. 

     One other favourite episode he said was 83, the McDonald’s order episode.

     He said he filmed the episode while driving (he uses a tripod set up to do this) and he decided to get lunch at McDonalds.

     Unable to stand the wait in the drive through any longer, he utters another classic line.

     “It’s been the same menu since 1985. Just pick something.”

     Langille said he was finally able to prove that his complaints about the McDonald’s staff getting order wrong were true.

     But his moment of glory was not what it was cracked up to be, he said.

     “All I heard from anyone was how I didn’t have my seat belt on”, he said with a laugh.

     Langille said it was in November when he realized his fanbase was continuing to grow.

     “I was beginning to receive random messages on Twitter about when my next show was going to be and this was the day after the previous one.”

     “Getting a lot of views is one thing but when people take the time comment on the video, that is when you know you have been building an audience.”

     One such audience member is a young woman named Toni from the UK and she had time to have a quick chat over Skype about the Langille Show.

     She said she watches the show every time it’s on, whether it’s The Langille Show or the live show on on every Friday (Saturday because of the time difference).

     “The Langille Show is Brilliant. Brian puts so much effort into it and he is just so involved and is so nice. It’s fab.”

     With the Langille Show being the success that it is, it only stands to reason that he also has other internet projects that he is involved in.

     He said he has his special live broadcast on every Friday night, he uses the micro-blogging website Twitter, and he has his own website

     Langille also mentioned his new Youtube collaboration channel, which he and 13 other Youtube users work together, with a new video by a different personality each day.

     “The idea behind the collab channel is to give the talent on the channel more exposure and more views.”

     Langille also said he plans on doing something big and that has never been done before, for his 150th episode coming sometime in April.

     “It’s going to be my way of celebrating 150 episodes.”




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