Student film maker broadens skills in Interative Multimedia


    Interactive Multimedia sutdent and independent filmmaker Jonathon Rodd, is busy at his work station. 

     Jonathon Rodd already had a diploma in Digital Filmmaking but he knew that probably wouldn’t be enough  to land him a job he would enjoy.

    Not wanting to be a starving artist, the Holland College student decided to enroll in Interactive Multimedia, where he could learn new skills to improve his filmmaking, as well as find a job he could enjoy as he sharpened his skills. 

    Rodd is in the Interactive Multimedia program but before entering the program he received a diploma in digital filmmaking at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Fredericton, NB.

     Rodd said he entered the program because filmmakers sometimes go unnoticed for years before getting their first break.

     He said he is glad this multimedia program gives him the freedom to be employed in a field he enjoys, while he continues to strengthen his skills as a filmmaker.

     “A film of mine is actually featured on, a site directed at independent filmmakers.”

     He said his film was featured on episode 17 of their Best Short Films in the World show were they show clips of independent films.

     “I made this video during my film course and it is one of the ones I’m more proud of because of the clever dialogue (that is what I am told anyway).”

     Rodd said the students in the course are learning interactive multimedia, which is a combination of audio/video, web design, and graphic design.

     “I gravitate towards the audio/video aspects. I like sitting down and editing video and doing a lot of Photoshop work.”

     Interactive multimedia teaches you to do a lot of things, he said.

     “A lot of mediums converge where the Internet merges the video, audio and graphic aspects in ways that couldn’t be done before.”

 Holland College course instructor April Condon said she teaches in terms of AV is in the development of videos or promotional pieces that add value to websites.

     “In terms of multimedia it is to shoot the video to enhance a website.”

     She said students also learn authorizing DVDs, how to storyboard their projects, different camera moves and angles, as well as different editing techniques.

     This is definitely a field of work in which you would need the proper training, she said.

     Students spend a week or two just setting up equipment, using lighting kits, learning how to use the camera, and playing with the light settings before they can record anything, she said.

     “You need to know your equipment before you’re on site. That is not the time to learn.”

     The same kind of care is needed in filmmaking as well.

     Rodd said a decent camera is needed to make a film, along with at least three stand-in lights. The need to organize the time of everyone on the set is also very important.

     “You need a lot of discipline and the ability to manage a lot of people.”

       Rodd recommends the course to students who have good computer skills who are interested in the field.

      He also recommends those students  to work hard on their portfolio before submitting.

     “You need a post-graduate course and a diploma or prior experience in the field.”

        His last piece of advice to those interested in taking the course is to again work hard on their portfolio and Photoshop skills.

     “Because it is presumed that you know something already.”



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