Recycled tires to be used for road construction


    Tires like this one will soon be used as filling for P.E.I. roads.

     Old recycled tires disgarded by Islanders will be used as paving material to help keep P.E.I. roads together, said Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley.

      Later this year, Island Waste Management will send 160,000 used P.E.I. tires to HI Construction in West Prince to be shreaded and used to build the base for roads.

       Before this plan was implemented, these tires would have been sent to Quebec to be incinerated.

        The idea came from Scott Dawson of HI Construction to test this out here on the Island because of a growing market in New Brunswick, said MacKinley.

        “There is plan in New Brunswick to use the recylced tires as paving material for bridges.”

        This plan will help create jobs on the western end of the Island and other provinces in the Maritimes are interested in this plan as well, he said.

         “Nova Scotia and Newfoundland are planning to do similar projects.”

          When asked about the purpose of using these tires for paving material, HI Construction general manager Scott Dawson said the tires make for good material.

          “The shredded tires act as great drainage material for road construction and also provide insulant under the roads. They are excellent  filler material because they are lightweight.”  



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