Premier supports Sunday shopping ban

    Originally the Liberal party was opposed to the idea of Sunday shopping and there was a lot of controversy about the decision to have it five weeks of the year, said P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz in an interview on November 27. 

     But Ghiz said even though the very idea of having Sunday shopping was controversial when it was first conceived, something can be said for the province legalizing it for eight months of the year.

     Sunday shopping will remain illegal in the province during the winter months, even with a recommendation from the legislative committee for the stores to open on Sundays year-round.

     Ghiz made the decision Wednesday and even with the committee’s 36 presentations and the more than 100 written submissions given to them in support of year round Sunday shopping he still feels, for now at least, the current eight months of Sunday shopping is enough.

     “When we first had the discussions about lengthening the period for Sunday shopping from the five weeks to a full year, I was hearing strong arguments on both sides. So I think having the stores open from Victoria Day weekend to the end of December is a good compromise.”

     There is legislation in place for small businesses with two-or-less employees can stay open on Sunday’s year-round, he said.

     “A lot of businesses have said they need to stay open and others have said they can’t open the extra day or they need the day off. As a politician, it is impossible to keep everybody happy.”

     Ghiz said even though Sunday shopping is illegal during the slower winter months, eventually there could be a change in the law, which would make it legal year-round.

     “Sunday shopping in the province used to only cover five weeks of the holiday season, and now it is legalized for eight months of the year.”

     “Who knows? Maybe as the population of the province increases and as economic demand for it increases, Sunday shopping could one day be legalized in the province year round.”  




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