New student union president and financial director talk about the union


Michele Bradley won the Holland College Student Election on Feb. 27.


     It is a wonderful feeling and a great honour to be voted in as student union president said Michele Bradley who was voted in as the Holland College Student Union president on Feb. 27, 2009.

     Bradley won the election after defeating former student union president, Matthew Gallant by a number of 92 votes.

     Bradley said she is a very outgoing person who isn’t out to necessarily change Holland College too much, but rather to get more people involved in school activites and to make them active in the union.

      She said one of her goals is to find one or two representatives from each program to help increase the union’s presence throughout the college.

       “I would also like to get around the campuses to meet the student body and let them know I am here for them.”

       The decision to run for president first crossed her mind when she noticed a lack of student involvement in the student union she said.

       “People weren’t getting involved and I wanted to know why.”

        She said she has some good qualities, which will benefit the student union.

        “I am a leader and a team player. I have skills that will be an asset to the position of president.”

        Getting all of the Holland College campuses involved with the student union is a top priority, she said.

       “I want to get a leader for every campus, who would bring their issues to my attention and I would get on top of these issues right away.”

        She said two of her main goals as president are to continue her studies without letting the responsibilities as union president get in the way and to make a positive impact on the union.

       “I wouldn’t want to slack off on my studies because it is the reason why I am here at Holland College in the first place but I would also love to affect as many people as I can while I’m here as president.

      Brendan Hensen is also a newly elected member of the student union. He will be the new Financial Director for the Holland College Student Union.

     Hensen defeated Matthew McInnis by about 75 votes in this past Friday’s student union election.

     Hensen said the election was nerve racking for him but he definitely felt happy when it was all said and done.

     “During the election I felt nervous and because I really wanted to win. It is a good feeling for sure to have won.”

      As soon as he heard the description of the Finance Director’s job, he knew he had the right qualifications to do the job, he said.

      “The job itself is kind of like a second on the job training. I can use the training I have as an accountant to do things like balancing the student union finances, so it is a good way to test and improve the skills I have in this field.”

      Like Bradley, he would like to see other students take part in the union, he said.

      “I would like to see more student involvement in the union.”

       He said he wants to do the best job possible for both the union and the students of Holland College.

       “The two people who have been in my position before me have things set up well for me and I want to carry that on and to treat the job with as much respect as possible.”

        He said he wants to use the one-month grace period he has before taking over as finance director, to learn as much as he possibly can so he can do the best job possible.

        “I want to be the fly on the wall and learn as much as I possibly can.”















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