NDP PEI leadership convention held off till spring, says Pollard

     It was just too much too soon to have the leadership convention so soon after the federal election, said Charlottetown NDP candidate Brian Pollard back in November of 2008.

     The P.E.I. New Democratic continues to move on without a leader, as the plan to hold a leadership race for the province this fall has been called off. The party now plans to hold the leadership convention in the spring of 2009. This is the second time a planed convention was cancelled since the resignation of Dean Constable last September. This left the party without a permanent leader ever since.

     Charlottetown NDP candidate Brian Pollard shared his thoughts on the situation regarding the leadership convention, as well as the future of the New Democratic Party in Prince Edward Island.

     It has only been under a month since the end of the federal election campaign so it is not a good time for it, said Pollard.     

     “The collective energies of the party were not committed enough to hold the convention this fall.”

     When asked about potential contenders for the provincial leader Pollard said, no one has expressed interest in running for the leadership at this point.

     “Candidates for the P.E.I. leadership will emerge as the convention draws closer and closer.”

     Pollard also expressed his views with relation to the party’s growth in the province and its chances for becoming the province’s governing party.

     It has been a slow building process but the party has been gaining more and more support with each election, he said.

     “It’s only a matter of time before we win and possibly receive as many votes as the party has received in Nova Scotia.”

     Pollard credited higher voter turnout on the island for the increase in NDP support in each of the four ridings. This increase in support leads him to believe the New Democrats could capture seats on the island. This includes his riding in Charlottetown, which he sees as “winnable.”

     “We have received 12.3 percent of the vote in the Charlottetown riding during the past federal election, which counts up to 2,187 votes, which is no small number. The NDP becoming the governing party in P.E.I. is possible.”    






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