Journalism students wanted to put together paper for ACCC Conference


  UPEI Cadre editor Lucas McInnis poses for a photo after a sitdown interview.

     Two Holland College Journalism students are needed to write up a one page paper for the ACCC Conference from Sunday May 31- Tuesday June 2, says Donna Sutton, the conference head of Communications.

     The Association of Canadian Community Colleges holds an annual conference every year so community colleges across the country can share ideas on how to provide students with the best education possible. This year it will be held at Holland College.

     Each edition of the paper will be a customary overview of the highlights from the convention, with a write up on a key speaker, said Sutton.

     “The paper will be a one page template with a couple of pictures.”

     The lengthy pieces will also be featured in the paper as well, she said.

     Sutton said the Journalism students will not be the only student volunteers involved in the project.

     “We have a couple of photography students who will be attending to take pictures for the paper.”

     The journalism students who write stories for the paper will be paid $100 per day.

     Sutton said even though the Journalism students are required to write stories about the conferences key speakers and themes, they are still able to choose what it is they wish to write about.

     “The student volunteers can pick and choose stories based on the events that are listed on the conference’s program.”

      The journalism students are required to be able to put the page together themselves, she said.

     Editor of the UPEI Cadre Lucas McInnis knows what it takes to properly edit a newspaper.

     McInnis said headlines could made be made larger and cutlines can be made longer if there is a need to fill space on the page.

     He said the length of the story and the availability of a picture are factors in how the page layout will look.

     “If the story happens to go short, the photo goes larger. It’s a positive thing most of the time because the bigger the photo, the more eye-catching the page is going to be.”

     When the story is longer, the photo has to be smaller or something has to be cut out of the story, he said.

     “When a deadline is coming, it usually comes down to taking the end off of the story and doing what you can do to make it fit.” 

     He also said pull quotes could be used to fill blank areas of the page.

     “A pull quote is a specific quote taken from the story that stands out and is placed on the page to fill the empty space.”

     The Cadre editor said these pull quotes can also serve a purpose that is more important than merely filling space.

     “If it is such an excellent quote, you can enlarge it and people will look at it and say wow, that is an interesting quote. I wonder what he/she says in the rest of the story.”




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