CBC’s Matt Rainnie gives his Oscar picks


    CBC Compass Film Critic Matt Rainnie during the CBC Charlottetown Open House in late November 2008. Conway Photo. 

     As the 81st annunal Academy Awards approaches, CBC film critic Matt Rainnie shared his predictions on which films and actors will walk away with the coveted Oscar.

     Since May 16, 1926, the Academy Awards have been celebrating the best in cinematic achievements from Hollywood and around the world and on Feb. 22, the best of 2008 will be decided.

      Matt Rainnie is the host and producer of Mainstreet, a popular afternoon show on CBC Radio One and he is also the film critic for CBC Compass.

      Rainnie said the film with the best chance of winning Best Picture would have to be the British film, Slumdog Millionare.

      “It has won most of the pre-awards it was nominated for, which makes it the favourite to win.”

       The category of Best Actor is hard to call but it is narrowed down to two choices, he said.

       “It is either going to be Sean Penn who was great in Milk or it is going to be Mickey Rourke, who has been a real comeback story.”

        Rainnie said without question the late Heath Ledger will win the award for best Actor in a Supporting Role.

         “It was just such an iconic role and such an iconic performance. Ledger for sure.”

          He said his pick for Best Actress was also a fairly easy one to make.

          “I would have to say Kate Winslet for her performance in The Reader. She gave a very good performace and she has been nominated so many times before, it’s hers to win.”

           The award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role is perhaps the hardest to call said the CBC critic.

      It could be just about anyone but if I had to pick it would be Penelope Cruz for her role in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She was just dynamite and the fact that it is a Woody Allen movie only helps her chances.”

      Rainnie said the winner for Best Director will come down to one of two people.

     “It will either be Danny Boyl for Slumdog Millionare, which has been a favourite on the award circuit, or it will be David Fincher for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

    “Button has the most nominations going into the awards and of any of the bigger awards that is nominated for, this would be the one that it wins.”

     As for movies he thought were overlooked by the Acdemey, he said two came to mind.

     “Like many people, I’m surprised The Dark Knight was not nominated for best picture. Not only was it a good summer popcorn movie but it was also very smart, which was a bit of a surprise.”

     “It was actually a really smart crime drama. I was surpirsed not to see it represented.”

     One other movie Rainnie said was overlooked was Rachel is Getting Married because he really loved it.

     “I would not have minded to see it as one of the nominees.”

       Local Youtube personality Brian Langelle also offered three of his picks for the annual awards.

       He said his pick for Best Actor in a Supporting Role is Heath Ledger.

       “His performance was absolutely amazing.”

       The chocie for Best Actor is not very hard either he said.

        “It should go to Mikey Rourke for The Wrestler. Not only did it turn his career around but it was also a very moiving performance in a truly touching story.”

         Lastly, he said his pick for Best Picture was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

         “The story is similar to that of Forrest Gump and when Gump was nominated, it cleaned up.”




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