Atlantic Ecoworks and the Green Party: asking Islanders to think green

A new course at Holland College aims to help people increase their environmental awareness and to teach them how to save money, said Rod Dempsey of Atlantic Ecoworks.

     Dempsey will be giving eight weekly seminars at Holland College’s Montgomery Hall called EcoLiving 101 for Busy People beginning Feb 2.

     The first class will focus on environmental awareness, and the rest of the course will focus on ways people can reduce any negative impact they could have on the environment, as they save money at the same time, said Dempsey.   

     “These classes will teach people about conservation of electricity and water, how to reduce their home heating requirements, the importance of public transportation, how to make the right food choices, how to reduce their material consumption and environmentally friendly yard maintenance.”

     P.E.I. Green Party leader Sharon Labchuk says there are many Islanders can live a more “green” lifestyle and make a positive impact on the environment.

     “Look at your food choices. Buying organic foods is a good way to protect top-soil because organic farmers make sure the soil stays in place.”

     “Daily we are losing vast amounts of topsoil, which prevents future generations from growing food for their families.”

     Organic farming also helps prevent the spread of pesticides and other contaminates into our environment, she said.

     “The air in P.E.I. has been contaminated by pesticides that farmers have been using to spray on their potato fields.”

     Islanders should also be more aware of the products they buy and if they are in any way harmful to the environment, she said.

     “Consumers should wonder if the products they purchased are built to last and if they are in any way toxic.”

     She said Canadians buy more and more of these products because they are among the hardest working people in the world and tend to be depressed because of it, so they tend to fill the void they feel by buying more and more products.

     “Islanders can be happy without these products and can save money by buying less stuff. This money could be used for a holiday or given to worthy charity.”

     “If  Islanders are happier, they are also healthier and are not a burden to the health care system.”

     Labchuk said the reward of living a more “green” lifestyle is the reward of self -satisfaction and knowing you’re not causing any harm to the environment.

     “Individuals help in a small way and their gestures influence more people to help protect the environment as well, which helps in a big way overall.”

     For more information about Atlantic Ecoworks and of the courses provided by Dempsey, go to      


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